Calendula May 16 2018

“One kind word can warm three winter months” Japanese proverb

Calendulas or marigolds take their name from the Latin ‘calendae’, the first day of the Roman month, perhaps because marigolds bloom most months of the year. Their common name, marigold, may come from Mary’s gold, referring to their colour and to the Virgin Mary. Frequently used in herbal medicine to reduce inflammation and to soothe or treat wounds or skin problems, such as dermatitis and nappy rash. Calendulas are also used in beauty products and hair rinses. Gardeners plant marigolds in vegetable beds, particularly near tomatoes, to deter insect pests. 

Malka Calendula Cream is one of our original natural skin care products, first made in 1991 for an eczema problem for one of my little ones and continuously sells by word of mouth today.  Made fresh with calendula extract, sweet almond and soya oils, organic shea butter and coconut oil wax. Hand stirred with no added fragrance and preserved with natural anti-oxidants. 

This unique cream is fragrance free and can be used on all skin types, including very dry. May help with dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.  Is vegan friendly, suitable for all ages and safe for use on children. 

Definition: Calendula is a modern diminutive of calendae meaning, little calendar, little clock or little weather-glass.


Pot Pourri "A Rotten Pot" May 15 2018


Pot Pourri  (French) Rotten Pot

People have been making pot pourri to mask their natural odours since time immemorial. Using fresh herbs and flowers gathered in the beginning of spring and summer, adding spice in the autumn and winter to enhance the fragrance and longevity of the mixture.  Also used to repel silverfish and moths.

After Lesley gifted me the antique silver lidded Stuart Crystal Bowl filled with her selection of dried petals and seeds, my obsession with Pot Pourri commenced.  Over the years I have developed and enjoyed putting together a decadent blend of native ingredients to create what is now one of Malka’s signature products.

Always seasonal I use a collection of native dried leaves, pods, flowers, nuts, barks and seeds which can include lavender heads, chamomile flowers, cinnamon bark, star anise, peel, shells, and petals. Malka’s essential oil blends can be added at a later time, which takes this delicate creation to another level.  Requested favourites include Malka Sweet Cinnamon, a warm and spicy fragrance; Malka Bush Bundanoon, reflects a scent of the bush; Malka Provencale, a blend of lemon verbena and lavender.

When entering Malka Studio Healesville you are filled with the heady scent of never ending hand-made Pot Pourri. Packaged in a gift box for protection, makes a fabulous gift, suitable for everyone, also available to purchase by the kilo.  This tailor made to order product is regularly packaged and sent to overseas clients.

Definition: mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room. It can be an interesting mixture of things.


Celebrating Mothers May 05 2018

“Do Small Things with Great Love” – Mother Teresa

My mother-in-law Lesley in her element was an actress in UK Rep theatre in 1950s. No, she didn't use Malka Rose & Beeswax cream to take off her make-up but you can bet she wishes she did.

Her distraction from her theatrical life was to dry out aromatic flowers, mixed with spices and sachet-up in beautifully crafted hand printed fabrics by William Morris. Designing and producing hand crafted timeless, classic fabrics and wallpapers at his Merton Abbey workshops in South London, Morris favored natural dyes, which faded evenly and aged beautifully. His name is synonymous with the Arts & Crafts aesthetic movement, which embraced excellence of the artisan, rejecting the 'progress' of the Industrial Revolution. 

Lesley's aromatic hand made sachets were gorgeous, placed in drawers to fragrance or to display in the odd antique dish. I have a collection of her aromatic handwork, safely kept alongside other treasures and trinkets.

Lesley is altruistic from head to toe. Among many things she has recorded readings for the blind, volunteered her time with PLAN Australia & Oxfam, boxed and hand stitched sachets of Pot Pourri diverting all sales' proceeds to The Mental Illness Fellowship

One of Lesley’s first gifts to me was a silver lidded Stuart Crystal bowl filled with dried ranunculi, poppies & coriander seeds, spawning a new Malka obsession….Pot Pourri.












Voila! May 05 2018

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” - Plato

It was the late 1980’s in Australia and Spunky D, a guitarist with The Melody Lords was complaining about the arduous task of removing stage makeup after a show. 

With this challenge at hand, I explored Galen’s (Greek physician, b 130 AD) findings and trialed one of his recipes endeavoring to create a cold cream emulsion of oil, water and wax using rose water, sweet almond oil and organic leatherwood beeswax. When applied to ‘my original guinea pig’s’ face and gently wiped with cotton wool, the difficult theatrical makeup came away without drama. Voila! Malka Rose & Beeswax cream.

In the early 90’s when the babies came the passion to care for them in the purest and natural way compelled experimentation and creation of natural, pure and organic products for the precious little ones.  It wasn’t easy to find natural ready-made products back then.

And so began the task: experimenting, measuring, stirring by hand, composing, and testing salves, balms and creams. Natural processes starting with chamomile tea bags, diluted cider vinegar, oil from the pantry and herbs from the garden allowed for the ‘real’ products to reveal themselves:  calendula cream for eczema; arnica cream for bruises and after ballet massage; baby balm to sooth that red rash that comes with teething; heat packs filled lavender and wheat for calm bedtime; relaxation essential blend oil for a sound night’s sleep and lip balm for cracked/dry lips. They (the girls) still love the lip balm.

The necessity to care for family and friends founded what is now the

Malka Natural Skin Care range.

Malka is of Hebrew origin, meaning "queen" and is the name of the grandmother I never knew.







Vicki's going to Sumatra! March 07 2018

Vicki Renner (author, facilitator, photographer) came in to the shop the other day to take photos of a Malka gift box for her fundraiser for The Orangutan Project.   We are more than happy to support her to 'walk the talk' and have put together a gift box full of Malka bits to the retail value of $275.  Those of you who donate $15 or more through the secure page will be included in her 'thank you raffle draw'.

This link gives you more information about her upcoming trip, its purpose etc.  

Donations can securely be made using this link 

a quiet opening, the Malka studio outlet at 206 Maroondah Hwy Healesville October 18 2017

This October for the first time we’ve opened our doors to a new studio outlet store located in the charming country town of Healesville, 55k north east of Melbourne.

Built in 1886, and originally intended as a boarding house, the Heritage Listed Rathrone House is the new home of Malka Natural Skin Care.

In our front room you will be able to peruse our natural products, and in time, you will be most welcome to join us in regular group workshops. If you're interested in getting a small group together for shopping, to make your own simple skin care and home fragrance products or Christmas gift packs, please send through your Wish List to and we will sort it out.


For now  'the shop' remains nameless, while we present Malka Natural Skin Care & home fragrance products and our usual run-on stock specials, you’ll also find a wide range of hidden gems such as items from an early project with Susan West -Rouche Collaboration, sustainable sculpture by enigmatic artist Vaidas Zvirblis,  fair trade dolls and cards.

The space is being used as part store and part studio as the future plan is for all products to be hand made fresh on the premises.









Malka studio outlet:

206 Maroondah Highway  Healesville  3777

open Thursday through Sunday 10:00 - 17:00 

After 25 Years of Sundays We're Taking a Break from the St Kilda Esplanade Market August 20 2017

Malka Natural Skin Care at St Kilda Esplanade Market

After 25 years of Sundays, as of 2 April 2016 we will be taking a break from trading Malka Natural Skin Care Run-offs-promo stall at the St Kilda Esplanade Sunday Market. We still have bits and bobs, soap off cuts, end of run creams/soy wax candles/essential oils at clearance prices.



Forestial July 15 2017

Forestial essential oil: not just for the guys. The clean citrus freshness of the bergamot and mandarin essential oils, combined with the sweet wood scent of fir, makes Forestial Essential Oil ideal for helping to banish winter coughs and colds. Use in an oil burner to perfume the room, dilute for massage oil, or dab on a few drops as a personal fragrance to clear your head and your mind.


Did you know?

The mandarin (Citrus reticulata) is a native of south-western Asia, including China, and was introduced in Europe much later than the orange. Mandarins get their name from the English word for Chinese officials.

Mandarin essential oil is widely used in perfumes, including Armani’s Vetiver Babylone for men, Salvador Dali Classique for women, as well as Malka’s Forestial blend.

Thank You August 30 2016

Over the past 25 years the Malka catalogue has evolved from customer requests and feedback. Your comments and reviews help keep the product range relevant and unique.

Lovely Organic Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil December 02 2015

back in stock, 10ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles available