Queen of the Night August 20 2018

‘Jasmine…elegance is the beauty that never fades’ – Audrey Hepburn

Malka’s Jasmine Organic Jojoba Hand & Body Cream is an extraordinary product that we only make once a year in anticipation of Spring. There's something about August in the Southern Hemisphere when a deep-seated urge prompts us to make this truly decadent cream.

Jasmine is a delicate flowering plant originally native to Persia & Kashmir known for its heavenly and exotic scent and evokes memories of balmy evenings, which helps to lift the spirits to relax the body and encourages romance.  Considered an aphrodisiac and admired as ‘the perfume of love’ in Hindu traditions.

It can take 50,000 petals to create just 30ml bottle of Jasmine Absolute (jasminum officinale), which equates to over 7,500 individual jasmine flowers. Known as ‘Queen of the Night’ because the delicate Jasmine flowers are picked at night before the morning sun drives the scent from the flower, highly valued for its rarity and high price.

Organic jojoba oil (phonetically pronounced - ho-ho-ba) is a unique liquid wax obtained by cold pressing the seeds from the jojoba shrub, native to Sonoran Desert, the hottest desert in Northwest Mexico.  Jojoba is known for its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, whilst mimicking our skin’s natural oils, which acts as an intense moisturiser for skin and hair.

We hand stir these two exceptional ingredients to create an intense and dramatically fragrant cream.  Malka Jasmine Organic Jojoba Hand & Body Cream is exceptionally good for dry or aggravated skin. 

Available for a limited time only at Malka Studio Healesville, 206 Maroondah Highway and online.