Hand Made in Healesville

Aileen September 07 2018

Earlier this year Aileen on her way to the organic cafe, intrigued by the fragrance of Sweet Cinnamon wafting down the main road, popped her head into the studio to see what we were about. There ensued a half hour or so of conversation; she told me about her art and would I be interested in selling her cards? A few days later she returned with a bag of reproductions of her animal portraits and I could not quite reconcile the talent with this doe-eyed, unassuming lady. Of course I can now. Since then Aileen has introduced the "Arts and Minds" group to the Malka Studio and helped coordinate "Nelly's Gift" an exhibition of Petronella Jones' inspired monoprints in May of this year. We are delighted to host her retrospective exhibition.


In 2001 at the age of 50, a notice at the Corinella Community Centre caught my eye ‘Exploring Drawing’ with Gary Simmons

From different aspects of drawing and then onto other mediums I explored

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia I turned to art for therapy, it gave me purpose and something to focus my mind upon.

And then there was a random gift of art supplies including canvas board and oil paint – and not knowing what to do with them.  Soon after receiving them, my friend Cathy asked me to draw from photographs, a picture of her Clydesdale. After making a few drawings from photos, without telling anyone, I had a go at painting one of them in oil. I just used the oil without any other medium. (I thought you used them straight out of the tube)

Painting finished, I showed it to the art group where without prompting, someone offered a frame that fitted the canvas perfectly, and another took it to her work at an art framer to have it framed. It was so worth the effort.  When I took the painting to Cathy she was so overwhelmed and happy, she burst into tears. Her reaction was priceless. And without knowing, the frame fitted her décor.

The way it all came together made me realise I was being directed. My motivation and urge to make the painting were quite strong. Step by step, materials I needed were given to me as needed to make it happen.

I then discovered my preferred mediums: soft pastels, charcoal, and oil pastels.

In 2004 I moved to Healesville where I joined and now tutor the U3A ‘Art and Craft’ group.

2009 & 2010 I participated in the ‘Yarra Valley Open Studios’

I like to experiment with organic eco-printing using iron sulphate and sometimes tea diffusions; and ‘gelli printing’ with a solution of vegetable gelatine, glycerine and dried leaves.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me in my art journey.  Aileen

This retrospective show celebrates Aileen’s uncomplicated approach.

Original artworks, cards and reproductions are for sale.

Portrait commissions on request.

Fundraising for the Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Foundation September 04 2018

Fundraising for the Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Foundation

Proceeds from the sale of previously donated collectible books and artworks will revert to the Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Foundation

Having recently closed the doors to its charity shop in the Main Street of Healesville, there are still some treasures in hand. Malka Studio Healesville is delighted to support this foundation and will host items for their continued fundraising.

The Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association is a charity that raises funds to help save wildlife and the environment. They have funded projects in Kalimantan, China, and PNG as well as in most states of Australia. However they have donated most of their funds to organisations doing good work in Victoria, especially the Yarra Valley.  Large donations usually involve buying reserves. Having closed the retail shop they are now planning an online charity called: together for wildlife.  No one has been paid for working for the charity. It is completely voluntary.    Peter Hannaford


First edition books include:

Aborigines of Victoria: Volume 2 by Robert Brough Smyth, 1878

Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller

The Maids Jean Genet

The Balcony Jean Genet



Off To Town Peter Browne

A Man’s Gotta Have a Shed Peter Browne

Haymakers John Hall Thorpe

Passion August 24 2018

I hate it when people say about me “I’m passionate about natural skin care”. I’m not. However I have always been passionate about the performing arts, literature, nature, history, humanity. That’s the message that makes the product 

So, what is the message?

Malka jasmine organic jojoba hand and body cream

Malka Jasmine organic jojoba hand & body cream


Granada Reflections , Chris Joy August 23 2018

Chris Joy lived in a small village in Spain sharing domestic life with the women there over a 3 year period and then over a 20 year period of visiting. Joy is intrigued by the role and experience of women expressed through the creativity and limitations of the domestic landscape, feminine camaraderie and the concentric circles of activity focused on the home and its inherent trials and tragedies.
Granada Reflections, a series of Joy's acrylic paintings exhibiting until  10 September 2018
Fiesta  |  The Observers  |  50 Years in this House  |  Tita Maria (Aunt Maria)
Luz y Esperanza en la Calle (Light and Hope in the Street) 
Fiesta  Chris Joy
Chris Joy's style is experiential, responding to direct lived and imagined experience. Utilising an emotional immersion technique her work is based on the exploration of the sensory, emotional and physicality of real and imagined places. Through the process of paring back and simplifying form, examining the dynamism of relationship, and the emergence of symbolism, she asks where do symbols emerge from and what is the process wherein object becomes symbol?

A Confluence of Creativity - Malka Studio Healesville August 22 2018

When we were looking for a space to set up the Malka retail studio there was a list of criteria: heritage listed building, easily accessed destination, beautiful views.  Also on the list was an open door to creativity.  25 years at the Esplanade market in St Kilda nurtured a deep respect for hand made works. Malka Studio Healesville provides shelter from the elements and work-space for Malka Natural Skin Care Products, it shares walls with artists, cabinets with with hand made cards, baskets of local crafts.  An ever changing feast.