Thank You August 30 2016

Over the past 25 years the Malka catalogue has evolved from customer requests and feedback. Your comments and reviews help keep the product range relevant and unique.

Lovely Organic Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil December 02 2015

back in stock, 10ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles available

Clove Bud Pomanders - a traditional way to protect your festive linen November 24 2015

       Malka Pomanders

Pomanders are an essential item in our Christmas range. They combine the traditional fragrances of frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. Studded with cloves and rolled in crushed spices and resins, pomanders are fragrant ornaments for the Christmas tree, attractively spicy table decorations, and can be used after Christmas to store linen or to perfume rooms.

Medieval pomander

Handy Hints - Pomanders were traditionally made by studding a fresh orange, lemon or apple with cloves, and then tying them with ribbons or placing them in muslin bags. To finish, pomanders could also be rolled in spices.
16th Century Tudor Pomander (Windsor Castle, The Round Tower Collection)

Hung in wardrobes and cupboards as insect repellents, pomanders were also carried to prevent disease and to repel the odors of unsanitary cities.

 A parcel-gilt silver pomander, made in Italy in the 16th century; features a niello inscription


"Justinian" - a  blogger who found the medieval pomander pictured above with a metal detector - informs us so eloquently:

'A pomander, from French pomme d'ambre, i.e. apple of amber, is a ball made of perfumes, such as ambergris (whence the name), musk, or civet. The pomander was worn or carried in a vase, also known by the same name, as a protection against infection in times of pestilence or merely as a useful article to modify bad smells. The globular cases which contained the pomanders were hung from a neck-chain or belt, or attached to the girdle, and were usually perforated.
The term “pomander” can be for the actual scented material itself or for the container that contains the scented material'



Balms for Spring (& hay fever) September 08 2015



To help manage hay fever, apply a thin layer of balm around nostrils and upper lip to catch pollen and dust mites.

Baby Balm or Foot Balm? Either will do the job.

Malka Natural Skin Care balms are made with vegetable oil and wax and when stored in a cool place, have a longer shelf life than creams. As we make our products in small batches an alternative vegan balm can be made on request. Minimum size 100g  Balms, (as are our creams) are packaged in recyclable glass - after all, it's much easier to reuse glass than plastic.

How You Can Use Malka 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends August 06 2015



Oil Burner: Prepare wick of candle by lighting and allowing to burn for a minute. Then extinguish and tip out liquefied wax. Then re-light. Fill dish with warm water and add up to 5 drops of essential oil to the water. Allow the candle to burn for 20 minutes or until all water in dish has evaporated, then extinguish candle. To clean: wipe out residue from dish when cooled with a damp cloth.

Perfuming or refreshing rooms: throw a handful of rose petals in a bowl, add 2-3 cups of boiled water, add 5 drops of essential oil and the scented vapours will gently perfume the room.

The perfect massage oil: in an eggcup, add 10-15 drops of essential oil to 30ml of vegetable oil to create delicately perfumed massage oil.

Reviving bath or footbath: add 5–10 drops of your favorite oil to the full bath or footbath.

Soothing shower short cut: after your shower, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a warm, damp face washer and gently smooth over your body.

Invigorating body rub: warm your skin with a warm, damp face washer or a warm lavender wheat bag. Place 4 drops of essential oil in your palms and vigorously rub over your body for a stimulating massage.

Handy hanky tricks: carry your favorite scent with you all day by adding 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil to your handkerchief.

For a sound night’s sleep: just before bed, treat yourself to a footbath.  Alternatively, vigorously massage 2-4 drops of oil onto your feet at least half an hour before retiring

Sweet Cinnamon Oil should not be used on skin.

Simply Natural - Malka Skin Care Products June 16 2015

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Just add water... November 30 2014

For a fragrant start to the day sprinkle a few drops of sweet cinnamon over a handful of freshly plucked flowers, then just add hot water


Study Essential Oil Blend October 31 2014

Malka's new Study blend is a rounded, piquant blend to help clear your head and get motivated. Lavender, sweet orange, rosemary, chamomile and ylang ylang combine to simultaneously assist study and stress.
Can be diffused in an oil burner or in a bowlof hot, steamy water. Putting a few drops on to a hanky while studying may be helpful for memory.

Students may also find it rewarding to take a hanky scented with this blend into exams to facilitate recall.The same can be applied for a pick-me-up during long-haul flights.
The reputed antimicrobial properties of these oils may help keep viruses at bay (again - useful for long-haul flights)

Do not use directly on skin.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Sweet Cinnamon by Malka - supporting the Rory Wilson Future Fund Appeal October 11 2014


Sweet Cinnamon has many fans in the Bellarine Peninsua, and we are big fans of Drysdale's Rory Wilson here at Malka Natural Skin Care.  

We are keen to support this Appeal and will be contributing part of all purchases made on this site through our busy season leading up to Christmas Eve. To assist in fund-raising you may wish to take advantage of our Gifts to Give Under $30

and to help maximize our contribution please share with your friends.

To find out more:




April Updates 2014 for Malka Natural Skin Care April 25 2014

Saying Thank you
Sadly we start this missive with the news of the death in January of our long time web master John Pekris. You may have noticed that there have been minimal changes to natural skin care site over the last 18 months as John received treatment for cancer. Assisting Malka since 2006, John was committed to our philosophy and products as ourselves. He passed away a month after turning 38 and is survived by his widow Angela and young son Andrew.

New product: sweet cinnamon peace pillow


Slip this fragrant pillow between cushions and throws. Filled with Sweet Cinnamon chips. Measures 20cm x 20cm x1cm

In Development

New organic only page – these are products made only with certified organic ingredients. Up on line through the natural skin care site: Baby Balm and Foot Balm. This range will be extended through the year

New essential oil blends available June:

  1. Meditation
  2. Sinus migraine
  3. Study
  4. Jasmine + … Any suggestions? I'm thinking begamot and sweet orange might complete the mix Let me know your favourite combination and we will trial a “people’s choice” blend for 2014

Save the date

We are returning to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne for the Queens Birthday long weekend Friday 6 – Monday 10th June with special items at special prices, trial sizes, trial products, run-offs etc. Online order pickups will be available – more details in May.