Pot Pourri "A Rotten Pot" May 15 2018


Pot Pourri  (French) Rotten Pot

People have been making pot pourri to mask their natural odours since time immemorial. Using fresh herbs and flowers gathered in the beginning of spring and summer, adding spice in the autumn and winter to enhance the fragrance and longevity of the mixture.  Also used to repel silverfish and moths.

After Lesley gifted me the antique silver lidded Stuart Crystal Bowl filled with her selection of dried petals and seeds, my obsession with Pot Pourri commenced.  Over the years I have developed and enjoyed putting together a decadent blend of native ingredients to create what is now one of Malka’s signature products.

Always seasonal I use a collection of native dried leaves, pods, flowers, nuts, barks and seeds which can include lavender heads, chamomile flowers, cinnamon bark, star anise, peel, shells, and petals. Malka’s essential oil blends can be added at a later time, which takes this delicate creation to another level.  Requested favourites include Malka Sweet Cinnamon, a warm and spicy fragrance; Malka Bush Bundanoon, reflects a scent of the bush; Malka Provencale, a blend of lemon verbena and lavender.

When entering Malka Studio Healesville you are filled with the heady scent of never ending hand-made Pot Pourri. Packaged in a gift box for protection, makes a fabulous gift, suitable for everyone, also available to purchase by the kilo.  This tailor made to order product is regularly packaged and sent to overseas clients.

Definition: mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room. It can be an interesting mixture of things.