Purposeful Pot Pourri (Necessity is the mother of invention, part 2) December 23 2018

Celebrating Mothers

My mother-in-law in her element, an actress in UK Rep theatre in 1950s. No, she didn't use Malka Rose & Beeswax Cream to take off her her make-up but you can bet she wishes she did.

Purposeful Pot Pourri
Her diversion is to dry out aromatic flowers, mix with spices and sachet-up in William Morris fabric for fragrant drawers or display in the odd antique dish. One of her first gifts to me: a silver lidded Stuart Crystal bowl filled with dried renunculi, poppies & coriander seeds, spawning a new Malka obsession.

Lesley is altruistic from head to toe. Among many things she has recorded readings for the blind, volunteered her time with PLAN Australia & Oxfam, boxed and hand stitched sachets of pot pourri diverting all sales' proceeds to The Mental Illness Fellowship http://www.mifellowship.org/

Vale Lesley, always grateful.

10 December 1928 - 17 December 2018