Purity, Chastity & Innocence August 08 2018

“ Philosophy: Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care”

There are many benefits of using beeswax in cream making; it creates a thin, protective layer helping to seal moisture into the skin. Especially beneficial during the cool and drying winter months when our skin needs extra care and attention. I have noticed it even keeps my hands warm in the wind. 

Creams made with beeswax help to protect the skin from environmental toxins and irritants whilst still allowing the skin to breathe and not clog our pores.

 Orange flower extract with subtle citrus overtones is a natural astringent with calming properties for inflamed and sensitive skin.  It assists in helping to make skin soft and hydrated and perfect for use in cooler months.

Malka Orange Flower and Beeswax Cream is a combination of distillate of orange blossom, sweet almond oil, organic leatherwood beeswax and shea butter with coconut oil. There’s no added fragrance making it an ideal cleansing cream.  The beeswax makes it slightly heavier than our other creams, creating its own tiny beads of wax for traction allowing for a gentle and effective exfoliant.

Malka Orange Flower & Beeswax Cream can be used as a cleanser with a few drops of water on cotton wool, to gently wipe away make-up; especially effective in removing theatrical makeup and is an excellent barrier cream for softening hands, elbows, knees and feet.