To mask or not to mask June 12 2018

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” – Victor Hugo

The layer of skin on our face is the thinnest of our whole body, which makes it particularly fragile and susceptible to damage. Some telltale signs such as dryness, redness, blemishes and flakiness caused by pollution buildup, dirt, makeup and even the change in weather.  This becomes more apparent coming into cooler months necessitating the need for additional attention and facial masks are a good way of eliminating these toxins.

To be honest I can’t remember what prompted my search to find a natural product to detox my face and the skin of my little ones. Perhaps it was an attempt to find an alternative to soap... I recalled that honey has natural antioxidant properties and doesn’t perish providing you keep it cool.

Just a teaspoon of Malka Honey Clay Deep Cleansing Facial Mask makes a wonderful facial scrub. Raw honey becomes granular in cold weather and the grains gently stimulate the skin, then melt as you softly massage your face.  A sticky mask of organic raw honey is a fabulous natural way to draw out the toxins to revitalise and energise the skin.

 There are two Malka Deep Cleansing Honey Clay Masks;

One infused with pink Argiletz clay, known for its properties of refining and softening combined with organic rosehip and jojoba oils with essential oils of parsley and organic Roman chamomile.  

For that extra invigorating feel use the stimulating mask infused with crushed cinnamon and sandalwood powder with organic evening primrose oil.

Both Malka Deep Cleansing Honey Clay Masks are also excellent to use as a full body exfoliating scrub or to dissolve in a bath for a fragrant, aromatic all over body de-tox.

These products are obviously micro bead free, hand stirred and freshly made to order.