Creams Naturally May 29 2018

“Be good to your skin.  You’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life”

– Renee

The changing of the seasons …Autumn becomes Winter,the cooler weather and brisk winds drag the moisture out of our skin.

As our skin starts to dry out it needs a little more care and attention to protect and hydrate. Using good quality creams on a regular basis can repair and maintain our skin and be the key to improving the way it feels and looks, resulting in a healthier and smoother complexion. It’s important to have a regular skin care regimen to help prevent and treat dry skin and protect sensitive skin.

At this time every year, the demand for Malka Natural Creams increases and fresh batches of Malka organic jojoba hand & body cream are created almost daily.  All Malka Natural Creams are made fresh and preserved with natural anti oxidants. As not all creams are suitable for all skin types, a variety of Malka Natural Creams were created to meet client demands.

Malka Multi V Cream – Rich mixture of avocado, rosehip, lavender essential oil and wheatgerm oils which provides a vitamin A,C D & E boost for very dry or matured skin.

Malka Evening Primrose Nutritive Cream – Soothing booster cream of organic evening primrose, rosehip and borage oils balanced with a little organic shea butter, for night time use

Malka Organic Rose Cream – Fusion of rosewater and delicate softening organic jojoba oil, vegetable waxes and butters, used as a cleanser or hand and body cream.

Malka Organic Orange Flower Face Cream - Distillate of orange blossom combined with organic jojoba oil, vegetable waxes and butters, fragrance of the orient, delicate day cream for all skin types.

Malka Organic Lemon Myrtle hand & Body Cream - Fresh fragrance of organic lemon myrtle essential oil, a rich hand and body cream.

Malka creams are suitable for all skin types effectively absorbed when applied to damp skin.  Suitable for vegans.


“Malka creams are stirred by hand in separate batches, maintaining the life force of the individual ingredients creates a synergetic, soft result.  No superfluous air and fluff,  and not beaten to death ensuring Malka creams emulsify gently.  This is their point of difference” – Esther Steiner, Malka Natural Skin Care.