Rose & Beeswax Cream (Necessity is the mother of invention, part 1) February 09 2020

Recently we were required to ‘re-accredit’ ourselves with CCF. While we certainly do not 'test on animals' it is true that members of my family have not been spared the same treatment - but they don't exactly count as animals.

Necessity is the mother of invention (Plato)

Malka Rose & Beeswax Cream – Spunky Dory (evil genius, inventor, guitarist The Melody Lords 1990’s +) the original Malka guinea pig


After a hard night’s stomping & guitar grinding Spunky D was complaining about the arduous task of removing make up. So Mrs Dory (AKA Malka) went down to the lab with a few ancient texts and explored Galens’s (another Greek, b 129 AD) cold cream recipe who prescribed the balance of an oil water & wax emulsion so simply that even I could make it. And there we have it: rose water, sweet almond oil and organic leatherwood beeswax. Maestro Dory was instructed: pat small dabs of cream on to his face and gently wipe with damp cotton wool the make-up away from the eyes in outward motion and then rinse with tepid water to remove grime, sweat and thick theatrical makeup.