Elizabeth and Frank Golding 2024

This week author, researcher and historian Dr Frank Golding OAM will see the launch of his new book: THAT’S NOT MY CHILD: Five Generations on the Welfare Treadmill, the biographic prequel to AN ORPHAN’S ESCAPE, memories of a lost childhood.

Frank’s autobiography An Orphan’s Escape describes the complex, heartbreaking and inspirational trajectory from his childhood experience within the confines of the Ballarat orphanage to his exposure to the wider world at large, the opportunity for a higher education, and more… I have decided to forgo the prose as his CV paints a compelling picture of a meaningful life’s work and recognition (see below).

Elizabeth Moore Golding, wife of Frank, has a long association with Malka Studio. We celebrate her prolific and vibrant folio of portraiture, still life, and en plein air. Her idiomatic brushwork and palette is consistently engaging.

We have a selection of framed pen & wash paintings for sale - a correlative visual diary of the natural landscape toured while Frank presented at international conferences and events. 



To view the gallery of Liz’s artwork sold from the Healesville studio since 2018 click here https://sweetcinnamonbymalka.com/collections/gallery-elizabeth-moore-golding

Further below – the more recent corresponding ten year list of international conferences.

 A side note -

The Healesville studio was initially established as a work space for our Malka natural skin care business (with a little on-selling on the side).  Within a short time the milieu created its own purpose, hosting an eclectic array of objet d’art, paintings, unique stationary and local crafts to compliment the Sweet Cinnamon & natural skin care.  Frank’s autobiography held its own patch. It drew unsuspecting punters to its sensitive subject. We witnessed poignant, emotional flickering of recognition as those purchasing the book confided that they had a family member, or knew someone, who had experienced childhood in an orphanage in Victoria in the middle of the 20th century. Here was a moment that would help colour the sketch of their own family history, connect the dots, and find a degree of resolution.

 * * * * *




Frank Golding Overseas Presentations


2010   London, UK

  • Thomas Coram Institute, research into abandoned children and the preservation of difficult heritage.


2014   Lund, Sweden

  • “What More Can We Do?” Lead address at International Network on Studies of Inquiries into Child Abuse, Politics of Apology and Historical Representations of Children in Out-of home Care.
  • “Contested Memories: Caring about the past—or past caring?” at Human Rights and Memory Conference on Transitional Justice and the Legacy of Child Welfare: Child Abuse – An Issue for Historical Justice.


2015   Prato, Italy

  • “Rights in Records by Design”, Community Informatics Research Network.


2016   Valencia, Spain

  • “Mismanaging Expectations: Sexual abuse as the dominant form of child abuse”, at European Social Science History Conference.


2016   Norrskoping, Sweden

  • “Was it all a waste of time? The failure of the proposal for financial redress by the Australian Royal Commission into the Handling of Child Sexual Abuse”, at International Network on Studies of Inquiries into Child Abuse, Politics of Apology and Historical Representations of Children in Out-of home Care.


2108   Belfast, Ireland

  • “Missed Opportunities in Child Welfare History: the case of children’s records”, at European Social Science History Conference.


2018   Prato, Italy

  • “’Problems with records and recordkeeping practices are not confined to the past’: A challenge from the Royal Commission”, Community Informatics Research Network. (Paper published in Archival Science)


2019   Liverpool, UK (July)

  • “Charter of Lifelong Rights in Childhood Recordkeeping”, Archival Education and Research Institute.
  • Proposal for an International Centre for Digital Equity, Rights and Social Justice for Marginalised Communities and Displaced Peoples: A Partnership of Monash University, UCLA, University College London, Liverpool University, University of Toronto and the University of Manitoba.

 * * * * *

Curriculum Vitae

Francis Patrick GOLDING, OAM

Contact: fgolding@bigpond.net.au

Website: www.frankgolding.com


1980     University of London, MA (Hons)

1977     University of New England, Dip MT

1961     University of Melbourne, BA (History and English)

1968     University of Melbourne BEd

1958     Ballarat Teachers College, TPTC



Honorary Research Fellow, Collaborative Research Centre in Australian History (CRCAH), Federation University Australia

PhD candidate, CRCAH, Federation University Australia. Thesis working title: Recovering Voice and Agency through Counter-Narratives

Vice President and Life Member, Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN)



2017, 2018        Research Assistant, Part-time, Australian Research Council Discovery Projects: Rights in Records by Design, Monash University & Federation University Australia

1993-1998        Manager Social Justice and Equity Units at Deakin University and Victoria University

1994-2003        Freelance researcher, writer and consultant commissioned inter alia by Macmillan, National Board of Education & Training, Victoria Law Foundation, Department of the Environment, and Western Health Services. The outcomes of these commissions included numerous published reports and books including: You and the Law: Children’s rights and responsibilities (Melbourne, MacMillan 1994,1996; Protecting Children Around the World, Melbourne, MacMillan 1994,1996); Compendium of Good Practice: The role of schools in the vocational preparation of Australia’s senior secondary students, (1995: NBEET AGPS) Rural Law Handbook: A guide for primary producers, (Victoria Law Foundation, Melbourne 2002); Private Lives: Your guide to privacy law in Victoria, (Melbourne 2003: Victoria Law Foundation); and Common Ground: Your guide to body corporate law and living, (Melbourne 2003, Victoria Law Foundation).

1987-1993        Senior Policy Officer Victorian Department of Education/State Board of Education responsible for various projects including the Social Justice Framework (1991) and The Middle East in Focus: Combating prejudice in schools (1992).

1971-1987        Senior Lecturer (Education), University of South Australia (in various iterations)

1961-1970        Teacher, School Principal, Education Department of Victoria



Scholarly journal articles

  • Frank Golding (2019). ‘Problems with records and recordkeeping practices are not confined to the past’: a challenge from the Royal Commission, Accepted for publication by Archival Science, DOI :10.1007/s10502-019-09304-0.
  • Rolan, G., Evans, J., Bone, J., Lewis, A., Golding, F., Wilson, J. Z., McKemmish, S., Mendes, P., Reeves, K. (2018). Weapons of Affect: the imperative for transdisciplinary Information Systems design. In 81st ASIS&T Annual Meeting Proceedings(pp. 436–445). Vancouver: Association for Information Science and Technology.
  • Frank Golding (2018). Sexual Abuse as the Core Transgression of Childhood Innocence: Unintended Consequences for Care Leavers, Journal of Australian Studies, 42:2, 191-203 (A special issue on the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse). Available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/action/showCitFormats?doi=10.1080%2F14443058.2018.1445121
  • Jacqueline Z. Wilson, Philip Mendes & Frank Golding (2018). Hope Street: From Voice to Agency for Care-Leavers in Higher Education, Life Writing, 15:4, 597-609, DOI: 10.1080/14484528.2018.1427420.
  • Jacqueline Wilson & Frank Golding (2017) The tacit semantics of ‘Loud Fences’: tracing the connections between activism, heritage and new histories, International Journal of Heritage Studies, Vol. 24, No. 8, 861-873.

DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2017.1325767.

DOI: 10.1080/01576895.2016.1266954 (also available as oral presentation on YouTube).

Scholarly book chapters

  • Frank Golding & Jacqueline Z Wilson (2019) Lost and Found: Counter Narratives of Dislocated families, in Nell Musgrove and Kristine Moruzi (eds). Children’s Voices from the Past, Palgrave Macmillan Publishing (due May 2019).
  • Jacqueline Z Wilson & Frank Golding (2016). Muddling Upwards: The Unexpected, Unpredictable and Strange on the Path from Care to High Achievement in Victoria, Australia, in Philip Mendes & Pamela Snow eds. Young People Transitioning from Out-of-Home Care: International research, policy and practice, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Jacqueline Z. Wilson & Frank Golding (2015). Contested memories: Caring about the past—or past caring? in Johanna Sköld & Shurlee Swain (eds.) Apologies and the Legacy of Abuse of Children in ‘Care’, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Other published books

  • Frank Golding and others (2012). The Re-Discovery of the Ballarat Orphanage’s Arthur Kenny Avenue, Ballarat: Child & Family Services.
  • Frank Golding (2005). An Orphan’s Escape: Memories of a lost childhood, Melbourne: Lothian Books.

Work in progress

  • Frank Golding (2019) Letters to a Lost Mother: A family at war. A narrative non-fiction account of a family involved with the Victorian child welfare system 1865-1980. Manuscript under offer.
  • Frank Golding, ‘PLEASE SIR, Will you be kind to tell me if I have got brothers or sisters…’ Paper delivered at the European Social Science History Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 4 April, 2018 – revised for publication in refereed journal.
  • Wilson, Jacqueline Z., Philip Mendes and Frank Golding, Child Protection Hypothetical Case Studies for a Virtual Archive: Professional perspectives versus the lived experience and expertise of care leavers.
  • Sue McKemmish, Jane Bone, Joanne Evans, Frank Golding, Nina Lewis, Gregory Rolan, Kirsten Thorpe, Jacqueline Wilson, Decolonizing Childhood in Out-of-Home-Care: The role of decolonized recordkeeping and archival praxis, (Archival Science Special Issue on Decolonial Archival Praxis).
  • Joanne Evans, Frank Golding, Cate O’Neill, Rachel Tropea, All I Want To Know Is Who I Am: Archival Justice for Australian Care Leavers, Submitted for Duff, Flinn, Wallace (eds.) Evaluating Social Justice Impacts Book. Completed and submitted; awaiting result from editors.


Significant distinctions and awards

Invited expert witness at a number of formal inquiries into child abuse:

2018, 2019        Australian Senate Committee inquiry, Joint Parliamentary Committee inquiry into national redress

2015-2016        Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse, Sydney

2013                 Victorian Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry

2003, 2009        Australian Senate Committee inquiries into child abuse in out-of-home care

2010                 Australian Senate Committee inquiry into government compensation schemes


Other awards

2018     Awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) Citation: ‘For services to social justice and the community’

2015     Awarded Life Membership Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN), the national peak body.