Forestial July 15 2017

Forestial essential oil: not just for the guys. The clean citrus freshness of the bergamot and mandarin essential oils, combined with the sweet wood scent of fir, makes Forestial Essential Oil ideal for helping to banish winter coughs and colds. Use in an oil burner to perfume the room, dilute for massage oil, or dab on a few drops as a personal fragrance to clear your head and your mind.


Did you know?

The mandarin (Citrus reticulata) is a native of south-western Asia, including China, and was introduced in Europe much later than the orange. Mandarins get their name from the English word for Chinese officials.

Mandarin essential oil is widely used in perfumes, including Armani’s Vetiver Babylone for men, Salvador Dali Classique for women, as well as Malka’s Forestial blend.