How You Can Use Malka 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends August 06 2015



Oil Burner: Prepare wick of candle by lighting and allowing to burn for a minute. Then extinguish and tip out liquefied wax. Then re-light. Fill dish with warm water and add up to 5 drops of essential oil to the water. Allow the candle to burn for 20 minutes or until all water in dish has evaporated, then extinguish candle. To clean: wipe out residue from dish when cooled with a damp cloth.

Perfuming or refreshing rooms: throw a handful of rose petals in a bowl, add 2-3 cups of boiled water, add 5 drops of essential oil and the scented vapours will gently perfume the room.

The perfect massage oil: in an eggcup, add 10-15 drops of essential oil to 30ml of vegetable oil to create delicately perfumed massage oil.

Reviving bath or footbath: add 5–10 drops of your favorite oil to the full bath or footbath.

Soothing shower short cut: after your shower, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a warm, damp face washer and gently smooth over your body.

Invigorating body rub: warm your skin with a warm, damp face washer or a warm lavender wheat bag. Place 4 drops of essential oil in your palms and vigorously rub over your body for a stimulating massage.

Handy hanky tricks: carry your favorite scent with you all day by adding 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil to your handkerchief.

For a sound night’s sleep: just before bed, treat yourself to a footbath.  Alternatively, vigorously massage 2-4 drops of oil onto your feet at least half an hour before retiring

Sweet Cinnamon Oil should not be used on skin.