Eco Prints in the Studio

Eco Printing creates unique prints of leaves, using the natural pigments, tannins and acids present in organic matter such as leaves and flowers.

At Malka Studio Healesville we have a collection of examples from a variety of artists (local and some from afar - the Kakadu) who use this transfer process on paper, silk, wool and felt.


Aileen’s method:

  • Water colour paper (300gms)
  • Soak sheets in water, remove when soft
  • Put leaves or bark between layers of the water colour paper
  • Roll up the paper and leaves
  • Wrap string around the roll to hold in place
  • Place in boiler with a scoop of remove iron sulphate (purchase from a plant nursery)
  • Boil for one hour
  • When done, remove and unroll, remove the leaves,
  • leave paper to dry somewhere (may take a few days)
  • you don’t know what to expect. Always different results.

Marlene uses herbs, flowers and leaves from her own garden.

There are variations of the process you can find on the internet. Some using vinegar with copper coins and rusty nails.

In the Healesville Studio we have eco print cards and framed works by Aileen; hand felted and appliqued scarves, treasure pouches and bags by Marlene; silk scarves and fine merino wool wraps from Susan and Linda.