Retrospective Malka 2017-2022.  Running our own studio outlet for home fragrance and natural skin care products allowed us the freedom to host exhibitions. Sourced from a varied association with local artists and others of our acquaintance, under the banner of 'unusual and unique objects' (as opposed to an "art gallery"). Local, new and emerging, established and international. We've been most fortunate.

Starting up mid 2017, with a few interruptions, we now have to pack up and close down our Healesville outlet studio due to the recent sale of the building and the desire of the new landlord wanting to occupy.

To be honest, we are devastated with the impending closure at Christmas but the thought of rehousing our retail arm is a risk too far.

The following selection of artworks (in no particular order) can be purchased from our studio in Healesville over the next few months. Purchase on line or email your queries

Sweet Cinnamon, Malka essential oil blends, and made to order natural skin care products will still be available online.