Calendula Cream - made fresh to order


Calendulas or marigolds take their name from the Latin ‘calendae’, the first day of the Roman month, perhaps because marigolds bloom most months of the year. Their common name, marigold, may come from Mary’s gold, referring to their colour and to the Virgin Mary. Frequently used in herbal medicine to reduce inflammation and to soothe or treat wounds or skin problems, such as dermatitis and nappy rash, calendulas are also used in beauty products and hair rinses. Gardeners plant marigolds in vegetable beds, particularly near tomatoes, to deter insect pests. Malka Calendula Cream is one of our original natural skin care products, first made in 1991 and still succeeding by word of mouth.  The cream is fragrance free and can be used for all skin types and ages.  For very dry skin.  May help dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. Safe for use on children.

Made with calendula extract, sweet almond & soya oils, shea butter (organic), coconut oil wax.  No added fragrance.  Made fresh and preserved with natural anti-oxidants.  Remember to regularly wipe moisture from inside the lid to help extend shelf-life. 

Cream is made to order please allow approximately 7 days for delivery  


Note - this cream is suitable for vegans 

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