The Atlantis Tarot***


The Atlantis Tarot by Akira Zosens is a 78-Card deck based on the Rider-Waite- Smith Tarot with a flamboyant underwater twist. Inspired by the mysteries of Atlantis that later penetrated into deluge myths around the world.
Designed, printed and created in Australia (Healesville), originally painted in mesmerizing watercolours; each finished-cut and embellished by hand.
Each deck is accompanied with a lush, fully-lined Tarot bag (also handmade).

Akira Zosens is a freelance illustrator based in Healesville, Australia. Her flamboyant style combines glimmers of myth, nature, couture and the cosmos! The cards are striking and colourful, all made with love. 

To view: Lisa Papez features the full deck on YouTube   

#TopTenCuriosityDecks (starts 17 minutes in)

*78-Card deck (310gsm thickness).
*Draw-string Tarot bag.
*Printed booklet (with brief explanations of each card).
*Signed cover card.

These cards are hand made product and are not intended for resale; they are for personal use and not available in commercial or wholesale quantities. If there is a delay in shipping we will advise by email.

Two options available -if you are buying one or two decks please select flat rate of $30. If you are purchasing other items totalling more than $130 along with the Atlantis Tarot the flat rate shipping is $45. If you have any queries please email direct: