The Goldings April 2024

"Writer's Block"  - portrait of Frank Golding painted by Elizabeth Moore Golding

This week author, researcher and historian Dr Frank Golding OAM will launch his new book: THAT’S NOT MY CHILD: Five Generations on the Welfare Treadmill, the biographic prequel to AN ORPHAN’S ESCAPE, memories of a lost childhood.

Frank’s autobiography An Orphan’s Escape describes the complex, heartbreaking and inspirational trajectory from his childhood experience within the confines of the Ballarat orphanage to his exposure to the wider world at large, the opportunity for a higher education, and more… I have decided to forgo the prose as his CV paints a compelling picture of a meaningful life’s work and recognition (see below).

Elizabeth Moore Golding, wife of Frank, has a long association with Malka Studio. We celebrate her prolific and vibrant folio of portraiture, still life, and en plein air. Her idiomatic brushwork and palette is consistently engaging.

We have a selection of framed pen & wash paintings for sale - a correlative visual diary of the natural landscape toured while Frank presented at international conferences and events. Scroll down to view.

 A side note - The Healesville studio was initially established as a work space for our Malka natural skin care business (with a little on-selling on the side).  Within a short time the milieu created its own purpose, hosting an eclectic array of objet d’art, paintings, unique stationary and local crafts to compliment the Sweet Cinnamon & natural skin care.  Frank’s autobiography held its own patch. It drew unsuspecting punters to its sensitive subject. We witnessed poignant, emotional flickering of recognition as those purchasing the book confided that they had a family member, or knew someone, who had experienced childhood in an orphanage in Victoria in the middle of the 20th century. Here was a moment that would help colour the sketch of their own family history, connect the dots, and find a degree of resolution. 

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Click this link to purchase That's Not My Child and you will be directed to Australian Scholarly Publishing website

To view the gallery of Liz’s artwork sold from the Healesville studio since 2018 click here

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