Sweet Cinnamon 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml


To replenish your bundled cinnamon quills:  put bundle into a plastic bag and shake a few drops of sweet cinnamon oil on to your quills. Tie the bag and keep sealed for 48 hours to allow the fragrance to cure.

KTo diffuse in an oil burner: fill dish with warm water and add 3-5 drops.

To use as a perfume - place a few drops onto a hanky and tuck into a non-favored pocket.

For cleaning/disinfecting surfaces dilute 5-10 drops in a bowl filled with 500ml warm water, soak cloth, squeeze excess back into the bowl and then wipe surface area with the damp cloth.

NOTES: Avoid contact with skin.  Keep out of reach of children. Do not put your quills on precious surfaces.