Spotted Gums II C Joy acrylic on canvas


Measures 91cm x 46 cm

Chris Joy's style is experiential, responding to direct lived and imagined experience. Utilising an emotional immersion technique her work is based on the exploration of the sensory, emotional and physicality of real and imagined places. Through the process of paring back and simplifying form, examining the dynamism of relationship, and the emergence of symbolism, she asks where do symbols emerge from and what is the process wherein object becomes symbol? 
Chris Joy lived in a small village in Spain sharing domestic life with the women there over a 3 year period and then over a 20 year period of visiting. Joy is intrigued by the role and experience of women expressed through the creativity and limitations of the domestic landscape, feminine comraderie and the concentric circles of activity focused on the home and its inherent trials and tragedies.