"Poppies" Petronella M Jones


Monoprint by Petronella Jones  measures 19cm x 28cm 

Proceeds from the sale of this original artwork will be donated to the Royal Childrens Hospital Appeal and 'Arts & Minds' Healesville.

About Petronella M Jones   Petronella has made monoprint technique her perfect vehicle for expression her inner self.  After some years of working with tapestry, rug making, knitting and crochet, Nelly explored clay, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting.

Monoprint is now the medium Nelly enjoys. Experimenting, allowing for drama, movement, enigmatic imagery to emerge.  Each application of paint onto the glass plate is a gift waiting to be unwrapped after pressing paper onto the painted loaded surface.  Petronella's at times very loose very free approach belies the often refined sensitive results.

About Monoprint    Precision is a quality that applies to various forms of print making. Copper etching, lithograph, lino cut, wood cut will obediently provide a mirror image of the image scribed, drawn upon, or cut-out from the surfaces respectively.  Limited editions of prints with uniform results can be achieved.  

Monoprint is simply that, one unique image from a glass, metal or ceramic plate which has had an image created on to the surface using any mediums such as print making ink, oil paint, acrylic paint.  Brushes, pallet knife, sticks, hand,cloth etc can be used.  A second and third printing from the same plate will result in a varied and reduced image as the inked or painted surface deposits less pigment on each placement of paper.   Olene Simon,  curator of 'Nelly's Gift'  Exhibition at Malka Studio Healesville May 2018