Julian Cook Photography 6 Card Set


Variously selected, quality reproductions from of the Julian Cook Photography exhibition at Malka Studio.  6 x note cards with matt finish, measuring 15cm x 9cm + envelope. Variety of images from the exhibition, may not be exactly same as shown.  Special requests -  click here

Subjects include dawn at the ruins at Ankor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia; Lake Dumbleyung, south of Perth, Western Australia; Mungo National Park in New South Wales; and dusk - Lake Lonsdale near the Grampians National Park in Victoria. 

about Julian Cook:

IF A TREE FALLS Silence. Surreal, arcane landscapes drawn by Mother Nature herself, dawn, dusk and betwixt, photographed by Julian Cook.  
Julian Cook’s photography is informed by the painter’s eye. Isolating form within the image, distilling colour and perspective. On completion of his fine art study in Sheffield, UK, Julian Cook has metamorphosed from oil painting to photography with an elegant simplicity. Travelling, lecturing, and working an exotic and varied itinerary of England, New York, Japan, Indonesia and now Australia. If a Tree Falls is Julian’s first showing at Malka Studio Healesville with a selection of landscapes from Numbung National Park, Western Australia; Lake Lonsdale, Victoria; and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Patience, perspicacity and persistence reward his camera; recording what the naked eye observes, reflects and discards, gifting permanence to ineffable moments.
In December 2018 Julian Cook comes to the Malka Studio highly commended. His work is well regarded by his peers and industry.  Twice recipient of an award of excellence from the British Professional Photography Awards (a very rare honour to having received that distinction 2 years in a row when and only 2 given every year in each category); one in the Advertising Category and the other year in the Architecture category.
Also winning a number of professional photography competitions and exhibiting alongside some of the greats, such as David Bailey in Living Exposure (Best Contemporary Photography) at Bonham's London.
Further training under the guidance with Ray Lowe - who at the time was the President of The British Institute of Professional Photography and also Past President of the Master Photography Association. Julian then created Ray Lowe Studios - a portrait photo studio in London, and when Ray Lowe retired, Julian took over the development and management of the portrait studio.