Floral Toner Spritz 100ml


Refreshingly cool with the heady scent of petal / peel distillate. Varieties available: cucumber, watermelon, orange flower. No added fragrance.

Cleanse and tones skin.

Helps wipe away the grime of the day before makeup is removed. 

Carry around for a pep-up in air-conditioned rooms, long-haul flights or hot-weather travelling.

The cucumber distillate is perfect for cooling the skin in a humid climate. Store in fridge for best results. Spray on face to help treat open pores.  To help soothe engorged breasts - spray onto a wash cloth and gently massage systematically from under the arm to the nipple.  To soothe swollen feet: spray onto a wash cloth and gently massage with upward strokes from toes to ankle.