‘Danish Traveller’ original artwork by Leila Boakes acrylic on canvas


“Danish Traveller” acrylic on canvas 30cm x 40cm

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About Leila’s recent exhibition

‘Outer World, Inner Life’

“These vibrant works are a selection produced between 2014-2018, demonstrating Boakes’ unique style, and mastery of light and colour. These particular works are primarily studio-based, in which the artist has created meticulous sets and vistas from objects, artifacts and at times her own artworks, to create a kind of still life in which the stillness is far from static, and the life is magically animated by her energetic brushwork and brilliant palette. Some of the works originate from less tangible sources, yet Boakes’ treatment of the paint is consistent, offering the viewer an exciting glimpse into the both the artist’s working environment and her inner world.” - Liz Zanella