Matcha Honey Mask - Deep Cleansing - (amber jar)


Deep cleansing: draws out toxins. A sticky mask of organic raw honey, infused with crushed organic matcha (green tea), organic rosehip & jojoba oils. Loaded with chlorophyll, matcha  helps reduce inflammation, draws out impurities, strengthens capillaries and tones the skin.

A teaspoon of our Honey Facial Mask makes a great face scrub for the shower. Raw honey becomes granular in cold weather and the grains gently stimulate the skin, then melt as you softly massage your face.
FACE: For oily or troubled skin. Patch test first, Cleanse with a small circular motion. Rinse off after 10 minutes.
SCRUB: store in fridge to use for full body exfoliating scrub.
BATH: dissolve 2 -3 tablespoons in a full bath for fragrant, aromatic de-tox.
For best use - store in a cool place (note honey is a source of antioxidants and doesn’t perish)
Patch test first.
Do not use if allergic to bee products.

And of course, this product is microbead free

Malka Skin Care Products are freshly hand made to order.