On the Round Table


King size all cotton quilt 275cm x 275cm (free shipping for this item)

Pillows to match quilt measure 50cm x 70cm

Cotton organdie envelope 

Relaxing eye pillow delicate light weight (lavender with a little linseed)

Lavender infusion luxurious honey & beeswax soap 120g

Coral (mushroom) sustainably sourced

Shu shu - Nipponese new romantic hair accessories hand made by Yuki (also use as bracelet, pin for broach, special tree decoration)

Susan West’s  embroidered  cotton organdie pull string bags at a ridiculous price 

Cards of photographs by Julian Cook 

Hand made gift - blue dish with soap and washer, glossy white gift box 

Rosewood spoon   

Rose water refill 200ml

Lavender tea luxurious honey beeswax soap

Pair navy table runner with tassels 122cm long