Sweet Cinnamon May 18 2018

“Surviving motherhood, one drop of Malka Sweet Cinnamon oil at a time”

It came to me in a dream.

As vivid as if it happened yesterday. Finally, the crucible – the point of no return – in the early hours of a Sunday morning, dozing through the twilight zone - I was juggling two questions: ‘How am I going to provide for these daughters?’ and ‘What would be a good combination of essential oils to combat those silverfish in the wardrobe?’... Perhaps if we used… and then, as though by Mother Nature herself another Malka baby was conceived, Malka Sweet Cinnamon. 

One day when selling at the St Kilda Market a customer came by and wanted to test the aroma of my Sweet Cinnamon oil.  I had some cinnamon quills in one of my Pot Pourri collections and sprinkled a few drops... the rest is history. 

Malka’s signature fragrance, Sweet Cinnamon is an uplifting blend of spices and florals with dark notes, aromatics and citrus creating a unique, compelling, spicy aroma. Offers a natural way to lift your spirits and focus your mind.  Sweet Cinnamon oil splashed on to cinnamon quills releases an enduring, pleasing, fragrance.

Malka Sweet Cinnamon essential oil, ideal for use in oil burners to infuse an intoxicating aroma, fill a dish with warm water and add 3 – 5 drops.  Can also be sprinkled onto a sachet and popped into drawers and cupboards to help repel moths and silverfish. 

“Fragrance from Heaven.” - Malka testimonial