Voila! May 05 2018

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” - Plato

It was the late 1980’s in Australia and Spunky D, a guitarist with The Melody Lords was complaining about the arduous task of removing stage makeup after a show. 

With this challenge at hand, I explored Galen’s (Greek physician, b 130 AD) findings and trialed one of his recipes endeavoring to create a cold cream emulsion of oil, water and wax using rose water, sweet almond oil and organic leatherwood beeswax. When applied to ‘my original guinea pig’s’ face and gently wiped with cotton wool, the difficult theatrical makeup came away without drama. Voila! Malka Rose & Beeswax cream.

In the early 90’s when the babies came the passion to care for them in the purest and natural way compelled experimentation and creation of natural, pure and organic products for the precious little ones.  It wasn’t easy to find natural ready-made products back then.

And so began the task: experimenting, measuring, stirring by hand, composing, and testing salves, balms and creams. Natural processes starting with chamomile tea bags, diluted cider vinegar, oil from the pantry and herbs from the garden allowed for the ‘real’ products to reveal themselves:  calendula cream for eczema; arnica cream for bruises and after ballet massage; baby balm to sooth that red rash that comes with teething; heat packs filled lavender and wheat for calm bedtime; relaxation essential blend oil for a sound night’s sleep and lip balm for cracked/dry lips. They (the girls) still love the lip balm.

The necessity to care for family and friends founded what is now the

Malka Natural Skin Care range.

Malka is of Hebrew origin, meaning "queen" and is the name of the grandmother I never knew.