Celebrating Mothers May 05 2018

“Do Small Things with Great Love” – Mother Teresa

My mother-in-law Lesley in her element was an actress in UK Rep theatre in 1950s. No, she didn't use Malka Rose & Beeswax cream to take off her make-up but you can bet she wishes she did.

Her distraction from her theatrical life was to dry out aromatic flowers, mixed with spices and sachet-up in beautifully crafted hand printed fabrics by William Morris. Designing and producing hand crafted timeless, classic fabrics and wallpapers at his Merton Abbey workshops in South London, Morris favored natural dyes, which faded evenly and aged beautifully. His name is synonymous with the Arts & Crafts aesthetic movement, which embraced excellence of the artisan, rejecting the 'progress' of the Industrial Revolution. 

Lesley's aromatic hand made sachets were gorgeous, placed in drawers to fragrance or to display in the odd antique dish. I have a collection of her aromatic handwork, safely kept alongside other treasures and trinkets.

Lesley is altruistic from head to toe. Among many things she has recorded readings for the blind, volunteered her time with PLAN Australia & Oxfam, boxed and hand stitched sachets of Pot Pourri diverting all sales' proceeds to The Mental Illness Fellowship 


One of Lesley’s first gifts to me was a silver lidded Stuart Crystal bowl filled with dried ranunculi, poppies & coriander seeds, spawning a new Malka obsession….Pot Pourri.