Citrus 17 trial February 17 2017, 1 Comment

Malka Citrus 17 home fragrance

Citrus 17 Blend - Home Fragrance
Essential Oil,  Diffuser Oil, Pot Pourri 
February already! Time to trial new products.
Malka Citrus 17 Blend - home fragrance  is a piquant blend of 100% pure essential oils including: grapefruit, lemon, mandarin & bergamot.
An energizing fragrance for home & work -
sadly, a little too irritating for use in skin care products
Special trial price with no fancy label while we test it out.
Your feedback is always helpful.


 economy size jars  itches sprains and aches Malka Natural Skin Care

Economy is the word:  Malka creams often have more than one purpose.
For the Face  |  Organic Jojoba Hand & Body  |  Itches, Sprains & Aches 
are now available in super size amber glass jars 500g,
and for gift giving -  blue glass jars 250g.
A 30ml glass 'traveller' is included with your 500g jar for you to decant, carry, wash and refill.
Creams are freshly made at time of order -  there's no shelf-sitting at Malka Natural Skin Care

* * *

'Conservation' is another guiding word at Malka Natural Skin care and we are looking forward to hearing Dr Anne Poelina speak at the 'Celebrating Women in Conservation Breakfast' at Federation Square in Melbourne on 2nd March.
Don't be misled by its title - you don't have to be a woman to attend.
The event is being hosted by Trust for Nature  and Bush Heritage.